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Fire Emergency Drill for all Staff at our Scenic Spot

In order to respond to the Tourism Bureau’s call, we organized a fire emergency drill for all staff at our scenic spot at 15:00 on Dec. 22th, 2016. This drill further strengthened on our staff’s aware


Legend in the Shibashui - the Marvelous Stone with King’s Calligraphy

This stone is named the Marvelous Stone with Emperor’s Calligraphy. People would also call it as “Treasure of the Mountain” or “The First Marvelous Stone on Earth”. There are there spectacular aspects


Self-driving navigation from Shenzhen to Hezhou Shibashui Original Ecological Scenic Spot

Option one (pass Wuzhou): Shenzhen (Guangshen Highway) – Guangzhou (Guangzhao Highway) – Zhaoqing (Guangwu Highway) – Yunfu – Cangwu – Wuzhou (Guiwu Highway) – Zhongshan – Hezhou Exit – Hezhou city –

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Lingnan means the south of the Five Ridges, which is mentioned in Chairman Mao’s famous poem “the Long March”. In that poem, Chairman Mao wrote, the Five Ridges stretch while gentle waves billows”. The Lijiang River originates from the Yuechengling Mountains in the Five Ridges, while Gupo Mountain belongs to the Mengzhuling Mountains in the Five Ridges.[more]

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