Fire Emergency Drill for all Staff at our Scenic Spot

In order to respond to the Tourism Bureau’s call, we organized a fire emergency drill for all staff at our scenic spot at 15:00 on Dec. 22th, 2016. This drill further strengthened on our staff’s awareness of fire safety, improved their ability to deal with emergencies, and helped them master the correct use of fire extinguishers and escape methods.

During this fire emergency drill, all staff learnt about relevant knowledge and the importance of safety production in daily work. Through this drill, all staff understood the spirit of this drill and had their safety awareness enhanced, with the concept of “merciless fire teaches us to put safety first”. So this drill has fulfilled its purpose of education, that everyone should emphasis on fire prevention. Then, they further learned the performance, adaptabilities, and operation of different types of fire extinguishers. After that, we had a drill on site when our staff used a fire extinguisher to put off fire and conducted people evacuation. The simulation training aims to improve the self-rescue ability of our staff, as well as their ability to scientific escape from danger. Also, it cultivates our staff’s spirit of mutual assistance and escaping ability.

Through this fire emergency drill, our staff’s awareness of safety got strengthened, and hence institutionalized our company’s safety rules. This event laid a solid foundation for ensuring the company's fire safety, achieved the expected goal and achieved a complete success.

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Lingnan means the south of the Five Ridges, which is mentioned in Chairman Mao’s famous poem “the Long March”. In that poem, Chairman Mao wrote, the Five Ridges stretch while gentle waves billows”. The Lijiang River originates from the Yuechengling Mountains in the Five Ridges, while Gupo Mountain belongs to the Mengzhuling Mountains in the Five Ridges.[more]

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