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Wild Potherb in Shibashui

The wild potherb in Shibashui is rich in nutrition without any pollution of chemical fertilizer. With its strong and unique flavor, the wild potherb can not only add more flavors to our table, but als


Hakka Niang Tofu

Hakka Niang Tofu is a famous dish in Hakka culture that exists in every Hakka feast. The word “Niang” is a verb in Hakka meaning stuffing. “Niang Tofu” means that tofu with fillings stuffed inside.


Hakka Stewed Pork with Taro

Hakka Stewed Pork with Taro is one of the Hakka special dishes, and is mainly made with ground pork and taro. It’s famous for its sweet and delicate taste with no annoying greasy feeling.


Sansui Spring Fish in Shibashui

The Sansui spring fish got its name because it has been raised in Shibashui’ high-quality mountain springs with natural fish grass for three years before taken to the table. The water in Shibashui mee


Ground Chicken in Shibashui

Grown up in the original ecological environment with high quality air filled of negative oxygen irons, the ground chickens in Shibashui mainly diet on corn, wheat bran and vegetables, and are raised a


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Lingnan means the south of the Five Ridges, which is mentioned in Chairman Mao’s famous poem “the Long March”. In that poem, Chairman Mao wrote, the Five Ridges stretch while gentle waves billows”. The Lijiang River originates from the Yuechengling Mountains in the Five Ridges, while Gupo Mountain belongs to the Mengzhuling Mountains in the Five Ridges.[more]

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