A tour of two days and one night - Hezhou Huangyao town?and Hezhou Shibashui Original Ecological Scenic Spot

Feature: great waterfalls and wonderful sights, with an old town since Song Dynasty

Enjoy the various specialties in Hezhou, especially the Hakka-style feast

DAY ONE: Nanning – Huangyao     Meals: lunch and dinner         Hotel: Jiuhushan Hotel, quasi four star

All guests shall gather at 08:00 am and travel to this old town with thousands of years’ history, Huangyao town. It ranks first among the four old towns in Guangxi Province and has architectures in a special Lingnan (south of the Five Ridges) style. (There will be about 4.5 hours’ driving and 2 hours’ sightseeing.) Huangyao town is originated since Song Dynasty. It is like a specular maze, for each avenue would stretch into eight streets in aims of complying with its Eight Diagrams’ layout. It’s famous as one of the most valuable old towns in tourism, a dreamland in the east, and one of the 50 must-go places for foreigners. 

Dinner would be Huangyao special cuisines in Jiuhushan Hotel, and then guests would check in at the same hotel.

DAY TWO: Huangyao – Shibashui    Meals: Lunch            
After breakfast, guests would gather and go to Shibashui Scenic Spot, which is about 1.5 hours’ drive and 1.5 hours’ sightseeing. The scenic spot is famous for its three wonders: waters, stones and trees. And it’s a natural oxygen bar in South China, with its extremely high coverage of primitive vegetation. It is the filming place of China’s first high definition digital music film, Love in the Moonlight. The column Xiangtu has made a special report on Shibashui and referred to it as a perfect destination in a self-driving tour of the charming Guangxi, and the most popular tourist attractions for Hezhou residents. In here you may take a close look at the biggest waterfalls in Guangdong, Guangxi and Huann, with nearly 300 meters’ drop. The waterfalls, lakes, billows and mist are regarded as four unique waterscapes, and the whole scenic spot enjoys the reputation of “Jiuzhaigou in the south”.
Guests will have their lunch at Qinyuan Restaurant in Shibashui, with Hakka cuisines and ground chicken, wild fish, ect.
Then they’ll end a pleasant journey after lunch.

About us

Lingnan means the south of the Five Ridges, which is mentioned in Chairman Mao’s famous poem “the Long March”. In that poem, Chairman Mao wrote, the Five Ridges stretch while gentle waves billows”. The Lijiang River originates from the Yuechengling Mountains in the Five Ridges, while Gupo Mountain belongs to the Mengzhuling Mountains in the Five Ridges.[more]

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